Special Projects

An area of publishing that has seen huge growth in recent years has been vanity and special projects. A simple definition of these projects is that they are ones that the author/artist/photographer pays for themselves.

They can be a book produced for a special occasion, a novel you want published just for friends or family, or a collection of your art or photography that you want to keep in book form for posterity.

Saraswati Publishing Cambodia


Saraswati Publishing Cambodia

If you have been turned down by Saraswati or any other publisher, you may still want to press forward with self-publishing. We can do the whole process for you right up to presenting you with the finished book, or we can simply present you with a print-ready file and let you organise the printing side.

Art/Photography Books :

If you are an artist or photographer, you may want to collect your work in one or more volumes.

Or you may want to tie in a particular theme of your work into a special project. Whatever your needs in this area, we can produce a high-end finished product that will look good on any coffee table.

Art And Photos

Wedding mementos:


Your wedding is usually the most special day of your life. So why not produce a memento for your friends and family that will capture those magic moments forever?

We can work from your own photographs of your special day or provide our own professional photographer to capture some alternative moments.

Our writer will take the story of your romance and wedding and turn it into a magical fairy story that will delight young and old alike. This is a truly unique memento and service that no-one else in the Kingdom offers.

Custom Work:

Have an idea that we haven't mentioned?

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