We are a small boutique publishing house, so do not follow the traditional model seen in western countries.

When a manuscript is submitted, one of our team aims to read it within 4 weeks of receipt. If we feel the work is promising then we will arrange a meeting with the author to discuss the next stage in the process.

While our initial works will be in English, we hope to have a number of titles released in Khmer by the end of the year.

Saraswati Publishing

We offer initial proof-reading, a full and cooperative editorial process, cover design, and formatting to ready the manuscript for printing. Saraswati has a number of retail outlets stocking our work and are looking to increase that number by year end.

We do not offer advances to any author as our business model simply does not allow for it. We cover all initial costs and authors never have to pay anything up front. Once the book is completed, all initial costs–including editing, proofing, design, and distribution–are recovered from initial sales. Once those costs are covered, we offer very generous percentage options on all sales. There are no hidden costs at any point and we discuss contractual terms early on so that the whole process is transparent and honest from day 1.

For anyone wishing to submit a manuscript, please send an email with manuscript in Word or PDF format–with the subject heading in email reading 'submissions' to :